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Behavioural detection, also called Behavioural Profiling and Behavioural Analysis, refers to a method of detecting individuals with hostile intentions by observing their behaviours and activities.

  • Behavioural Detection
  • Hostile Reconnaissance and Surveillance Detection. The use of anti and counter surveillance techniques. Anti-surveillance are the actions and manoeuvres carried out when a person or organisation feels as though they are under surveillance and are seeking to confirm their suspicions
  • Facility Security Testing - The surveillance and probing to find vulnerabilities in transport hubs and personnel, this is followed by detailed reports, photography and evidence.

Behavioural Detection IconCourses

Behavioural Detection Awareness Level 1:

An awareness and the introduction into behavioural awareness predominantly classroom based but the students will be assessed in their communication skills and awareness with the trainer.

Behavioural Detection Level 3:

Day 1: An awareness and the introduction into behavioural awareness which is predominantly  classroom based  and students will be assessed in their communication and awareness skills via role play scenarios.

Day 2: We give students the techniques to enhance their observation skills, capabilities to recognise facial feature, as well as knowledge on how to identify live indicators through exercise scenarios.

We deal with assessing human behaviour; the halo affect and unconscious bias. Students go through scenario-based role plays and will be assessed and de-briefed on how they perform. Understanding their own individual baselines. And finally, being taught how to give a Behavioural Detection briefing.

Day 3: Students plan their own Behavioural Detection operation and then participate in a exercise with external agencies, a full debrief is carried out by non-trainers, report writing, dealing with post incident wellbeing, the law and legislation, revision on conflict management and knife awareness skills

Behavioural Detection Level 4:

Level 4 is a competency-based qualification that is awarded when a BDO level 3 has led a BDO operation. (this is assessed by ITOL BDO assessor’s)

Manager of students receive a report on their employees performance.

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