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Behavioural Detection Training

POLARM has strong foundations in both training and operational areas. However, the greatest part of security is based on good Risk Management . . .

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POLARM is an internationally recognised Security, Protection and Intelligence organisation. We work with governments, the military, police, rescue agencies and corporate clients around the world . . .

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POLARM is a leading provider of Resilience and Specialist Operational and Training Services

POLARM is a leading UK provider of specialist operational and training services assisting organisations to prevent, protect and respond to those with criminal or terrorist intent.

The formation of POLARM International Ltd has a unique and unusual history (which you can read about in ABOUT US) and this has underpinned both the specialist services and how we deliver them to our clients as well as how we continually seek to innovate and evolve what we do to meet their ever-changing needs. Our capabilities are borne from our team’s knowledge and experience of identifying and dealing with challenging physically hostile situations in close combat; be that in a face to face conflict with a member of the public or at a protester incident. We have developed these skills and are now able to offer civilians an externally accredited Close Combat training course, Level 3 through our POLARM Academy (see

We focus on three areas; prevent, protect and respond and provide consultancy, training and operational capabilities to assist in enhancing the security whether this is managed inhouse or outsourced to third party suppliers.

POLARM assist with the identification, assessment and management of threats; this is by either providing own operational teams who are trained in Behavioural Detection and/or providing training courses to security as well as any staff who are public facing. Our training in Behavioural Detection, also called Behavioural Profiling and Behavioural Analysis, is led by an ex Police officer who pioneered this subject by bringing it over from the US to the UK Police Force over ten years ago.

POLARM has gained valuable insight into the methodology and operational capabilities of protesting groups from our experience of assisting the removal of protesters and with the increasing protest activity across the UK we’re aware companies need to consider the risk of protest activity as part of their business continuity/resilience planning. We therefore also provide consultancy services to educate, undertake vulnerability assessments, and provide scenario exercises as well offer training in conflict management and basic protester techniques

POALRM’s focus is to provide agile and professional services to our clients ensuring we help organisations prevent, protect and where necessary respond to those with mal-intent

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