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Behavioural detection is defined as the methodical, scientific and systematic appraisal of people’s behaviour when under stress in an environment through observation, assessment and decision -based operations.

It is regularly used throughout the UK by law enforcement agencies to identify potential threats from those with intent to self-harm, commit a criminal offence or a terrorist attack. Those with mal- intent are proven to display high levels of physical, psychological and involuntary reactions, particularly when exposed to additional stress factors such as the presence of a trigger – uniform, security, police or a security feature such as a camera or checks. POLARM Behavioural detection operators use their specialist skills to identify these behaviours and interdict appropriately.

The POLARM team is led by one of the founders in the UK market for Behavioural Detection who introduced the techniques to the police following the terrorist incidents back in 2005. It has been further developed and we are currently working with the Association of Behavioural Detection Officers (ABDO – to create a standard for the UK.

Specialist Training Icon Training Services

In response to client demands over the past couple of years POLARM has worked with a certified independent body and developed a suite of training courses designed to enhance our Prevention Services and enable organisations to develop, where appropriate, improved in house capabilities to manage the risks from those with mal intent. These are:

Behavioural detection;

  • Behavioural Detection Operator (BDO)  Level 2 course
  • Behavioural Detection Awareness (BDA)  Level 2 course

The BDO is an IQ Verify certification scheme which is externally certified by an independent third party certification body.

Close Combat Quarter Skills;

  • Close Quarter Combat Skills IQ Customised Qualification Level 3 course

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